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06-24-2024 – Aspect Ratio Calculator (Tools)
06-09-2024 – Color Palette (DCTLs)
06-01-2024 – Color Shaper (DCTLs)
05-24-2024 – Hue Twist & Bend (DCTLs)
04-30-2024 – Color Shift v3.0 (DCTLs)
04-10-2024 – GRID (DCTLs)
03-30-2024 – LOOK / LAB / PRINT (DCTLs)
11-20-2023 – RGB Split Tone (DCTLs)
11-19-2023 – Clamp (DCTLs)
08-05-2023 – Utility DCTL (DCTLs)
06-04-2023 – Hue Twist (DCTLs)
05-14-2023 – RGB Crosstalk (DCTLs)
05-05-2023 – Color Shift (DCTLs)
04-02-2023 – DCTL & MORE (Course)
02-26-2023 – Reverse Engineering the Grade (Course)
10-28-2022 – Color Management (Blog post)
10-09-2022 – Stretch (Tools)
10-02-2022 – Pure Glass (Tools)
09-23-2022 – Cropping (Tools)
09-16-2022 – Sliced Mirror Effect (Tools)
09-06-2022 – 16mm Overscan Look (Tools)
07-20-2022 – Split Screen Mattes (Tools)
07-18-2022 – Blanking Generator (Tools)
04-25-2022 – A Study on Color (Blog post)
03-11-2022 – Film Emulation (Tools)

Hi, I’m Stefan Ringelschwandtner
Welcome to MONONODES

Silence (2016) / Directed by Martin Scorsese / © Paramount Pictures


Reverse Engineering the Grade” is a project where I collect stills from “behind the scenes” and compare those images side by side with scenes from the final movie. My goal is to get as close as possible to the final look, but at the same time I want to keep the node tree minimal and clean.


In my blog I talk about observing film grain, halation, lens characteristics and color. I share my thoughts on courses, YouTube channels, codecs, and so on. The latest update is about “Why I build LUTs“.


In this selection, you’ll find my personally developed film damage generators and 16mm overscan looks. Discover a range of DCTLs I’ve developed, each tailored for specific facets of the color grading process. The “Color Shift DCTL” is a look development tool designed to generate rich, dense, and filmic colors. The “RGB Crosstalk” and “Hue Twist” DCTLs serve distinct purposes – the first provides a solution for preserving neutral colors during RGB channel adjustments, while the latter, the “Hue Twist” DCTL, introduces a unique method to shift hue values based on brightness values. Also available is the “Utility DCTL” pack, featuring tools like the “Balance DCTL” – developed to analyze and manage skin tones and color deviations in your visuals.

Have fun discovering the site.

If you have any questions / suggestions / comments, feel free
to contact me anytime at stefanATmononodesDOTcom