11-10-2021 – Film Damage Generator (Tools)
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08-18-2021 – Light Leak Generator (Tools)
08-08-2021 – Blanking Generator (Tools)
06-28-2021 – A Study On Halation (Blog post)
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05-25-2021 – Orthocromatic Film Look (Blog post)

Hi, I’m Stefan Ringelschwandtner
Welcome to MONONODES

“Reverse Engineering the Grade” is a project where I collect stills from “behind the scenes” and compare those images side by side with scenes from the final movie. Furthermore, I try to match the grade using only 4 Nodes: Offset, Contrast, Saturation, Lift Gamma Gain. My goal is to get as close as possible to the final look, but at the same time I want to keep the node tree minimal and clean.

On my Blog I talk about observing Film Grain, recreating “orthochromatic film stock”, rebuilding the “Rec709 Kodak 2383 D55” LUT as a PowerGrade, talking about Halation, Gate Weave, Flickering, Glow, Film Damage and Colors in general.

Have fun discovering the site.

If you have any questions / suggestions / comments, feel free
to contact me anytime at stefanATmononodesDOTcom