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In the realm of visual storytelling, the composition of each frame plays a pivotal role in conveying the intended message and emotion. That’s why I designed GRID to support filmmakers with a straightforward approach to applying visual alignment grids within DaVinci Resolve. This tool ensures the precise structuring of visuals, whether you’re aiming to maintain straight horizons, achieve perfect central focus, or require fine grid adjustments for meticulous alignment. It’s the ideal solution for filmmakers and video editors seeking reliable framing, alignment assistance, and composition refinement. GRID enhances your visual storytelling by simplifying the complexity of alignment and composition.


Adjust the entire grid’s offset both horizontally and vertically to meet precise compositional demands, offering filmmakers and editors unparalleled flexibility in aligning their shots.
Provides the option to activate only a horizontal or vertical line, which, when used in conjunction with grid offset adjustments, offers a visually minimal approach to setting correct eyelines or making horizontal and vertical image adjustments.
Offers an innovative approach by replacing traditional grid lines with cross points, minimizing visual obstruction and enabling focused, pinpoint positioning for critical compositional accuracy.
Introduces a dense array of little dots across the image, designed for rapid, precise alignment of elements along both horizontal and vertical planes, catering to the need for detailed composition adjustments.
Features the ability to toggle the grid’s color between black and white, ensuring maximum contrast and visibility against any backdrop, enhancing the user’s ability to compose shots accurately.


This demo version of the DCTL features a watermark, which is displayed as two large squares. It is ideal for users who wish to explore the software’s features and functionalities before deciding to make a purchase.



This DCTL is versatile, operating seamlessly on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. It has been rigorously tested with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs on PCs, as well as with the M1 / M2 chip on Macs, leveraging both CUDA and OpenCL infrastructures. It’s crucial to note that DCTLs are only supported in the DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Minimum Requirement:
CPU: Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen 7, or Apple M1 / M2
RAM: 16 GB

Recommended Requirement:
CPU: Intel Core i9, AMD Ryzen 9, or higher-tier Apple Silicon
RAM: 32 GB