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What is a PowerGrade?

Powergrades are looks saved in DaVinci Resolve. A power grade contains the node structure that was used for the look. PowerGrades are fully customizable and non-destructive for the tonal range. If you apply a PowerGrade to an image, you can see the complete node structure and then change every single parameter of a node. PowerGrades offer maximum flexibility. Darren Mostyn posted a great video on how to work with PowerGrades: STILLS in DaVinci Resolve – (Top Tips from a Pro).

What is a Node?

DaVinci Resolve gives you the option to create multiple nodes, each node containing one or more corrections that affect the image. Due to the special arrangement of the nodes, you can precisely control the order of the operations carried out, which offers many advantages. Nodes can be universally connected to one another. The entirety of all nodes and their structure (connections) is called the node tree.

What is a LUT?

A LUT, lookup table, is a tool that changes the tone and color of an image based on settings selected by the creator. It converts incoming RGB data to the desired output values. Originally, LUTs were created for practical uses such as “Viewing LUTs” which allow you to view log footage as if it were rec709 footage, giving a better representation of the final film. “Calibration LUTs” are used to adjust monitor displays, and “film emulation LUTs” replicate the appearance of stock film.
“Creative LUTs” are used for artistic and stylistic purposes. To change the overall look and feel of an image. These LUTs can be used to achieve a specific color grading, emulate certain film stocks, or create a specific visual style for a project.
3D LUTs will be applied with TRILINEAR or TETRAHEDRAL interpolation, as set in Resolve with: Project Settings > Color Management > 3D Lookup Table Interpolation

What is a DCTL?

DCTLs (Davinci Color Transform Language) can manipulate pixel data within DaVinci Resolve. It allows user input through UI elements like sliders, dropdown menus, and checkboxes, which then control the manipulation process. Here are some things a DCTL can do:
– Change Lift, Gamma, Gain, Offset and more
– Change Exposure & Contrast
– Applying a LUT
– Creating a matrix transform
DCTLs are only supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio.

What is a DRFX?

DRFX are “Fusion Template Bundles”. A Fusion Template Bundle typically includes a variety of different effects, such as motion graphics and visual effects. They are designed to be easy to use and customizable, featuring adjustable parameters that allow users to tweak the effect to fit their specific needs.


Will the products work with the free version of Davinci Resolve?

It depends. Most PowerGrades works with the free version of DaVinci Resolve. But things like “Grain FX”, “Lens Distortion”, “Halation” are only available in the Studio Version. DCTLs are only supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio. Overlays, LUTs and Generators are working with Free & Studio Version. If you are experiencing difficulty with getting DCTLs, PowerGrades, Generators, LUTs to work, please first check “How to install” and also “How to use” pages before contacting me. Thank you.

How do I install PowerGrades, DRFX, DCTLs & LUTs?

For installation instructions, visit this page.

Which Operating Systems are supported?

PowerGrades, Generators, LUTs and Overlays uses native DaVinci Resolve tools and effects. Compatible with all Operating Systems that run Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17.4 and above. Compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux. Soem FX tools like “Film Grain” is only available in Davinci Resolve Studio. DCTLs are also only supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Will it work with my specific camera / Rec709 / LOG?

MONONODES PowerGrades will work with any camera and footage that is supported by Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17 and above. The “First 12” PowerGrades are not specific for LOG or Rec709 footage. Also, not camera specific. The Grades are based solely on the behind the scenes images that can be seen on this website. Please check out the “Examples” Page for more information on that topic. On “Soft 2 Strip” and “Film Emulation” you will also find all the necessary information on color spaces.


How do I access my purchased products?

The moment you purchase the product, it will instantly be available for download. All files are in a ZIP file. You can download them either from the link on your checkout page or from the download link that will be automatically emailed to you. The download page contains the unique, secure download link for the product you just purchased.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds are given for digital downloads. Please ensure you have the correct software before purchasing. If you are experiencing difficulty with getting these PowerGrades installed and working, please first check “How to Install” before contacting me. Thank you.

What payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available in our online shop:
– PayPal
– American Express
– Visa
– Mastercard

Any questions left?

For questions, comments or if you need support, contact me at stefanATmononodesDOTcom