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At, our mission is to offer a unique educational service where visitors can analyze and compare behind-the-scenes (BTS) images and footage with the final film stills. These ungraded BTS images showcase the raw elements of a film, including costumes, set design, and lighting. We present these side-by-side with the final color-graded versions to illuminate the transformative process that forms the visual narrative and mood of a scene.

By modifying BTS images to reflect the film’s color grading, we aim to demonstrate the methods and artistic choices that underline the impact of color grading in filmmaking.

Please note, the usage of is primarily educational. The stills are not intended for entertainment purposes and should not be distributed outside of this context.

All materials on this website, except for the stills which are held by respective third-party copyright owners, are the property of We believe that sharing these stills for educational purposes aligns with the Fair Use doctrine of Copyright Law, based on several factors:


Purpose and character of the use: We use these images strictly for educational purposes. Through color grading techniques, we transform the images, offering a fresh perspective on filmmaking. This transformative usage adds a unique value, underscoring the fair use of the material.


Nature of the copyrighted work: The copyrighted work we utilize spans both factual and creative realms, including film stills and behind-the-scenes images. Our modifications provide an alternative context and purpose, aligning with the principles of fair use.


Amount and substantiality of the portion used: Our usage of the copyrighted material is conservative. We limit ourselves to selected frames and critical behind-the-scenes images, which constitute a minuscule portion of the total content. This restraint ensures that only what is necessary for the educational purpose is utilized, thus adhering to fair use guidelines.


Our use of copyrighted material does not negatively impact the potential market or value of the original work. In the spirit of education, we share a limited number of carefully chosen images, serving to enlighten rather than to supplant. Each image is conscientiously sourced and credited, to respect the creators and enhance understanding of the original films.


The concept of ‘fair use’ can be intricate and its interpretations may lead to unpredictable outcomes. We are dedicated to fostering open dialogue and upholding respect for all parties involved. Should you be a copyright owner or authorized representative who believes our usage infringes upon your rights, please reach out to us at stefan(AT)mononodes(DOT)com. We assure you of our commitment to promptly address your concerns in compliance with the relevant laws.


Color grading is a vital part of filmmaking, deeply affecting a film’s tone and narrative. This process, once known as ‘color timing’, has evolved from photochemical manipulations to today’s digital techniques, offering colorists an expanded set of tools and opportunities.

The role of color grading extends beyond mere aesthetics. It influences audience emotions, underscores themes, and commands attention, ultimately shaping a film’s visual identity. is a platform dedicated to exploring this intricate craft. Through our educational focus, we aim to elucidate the complexities of color grading, offering insights into the transformation of raw, behind-the-scenes footage into the polished stills of the final film.

Our mission is purely educational, designed to inspire and inform those captivated by the art of color grading. We strive to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring colorists alike, fostering a deeper understanding of this essential aspect of filmmaking.


Behind-the-scenes (BTS) images play a pivotal role in the educational content we provide on These images capture the raw, ungraded elements of a film, including the costumes, set design, lighting, and art direction. This authentic perspective allows us to reveal the dramatic transformation that occurs during the color grading process.

For the unique educational service we provide, these BTS images are not just beneficial; they are necessary. They offer a rare glimpse into the unedited aesthetics of a film, enabling us to draw direct comparisons between the original footage and the final graded version. This juxtaposition illuminates how color grading can dramatically alter the visual narrative and mood of a scene.

By transforming the BTS images to mimic the color grading seen in the final film, we not only demonstrate the techniques and tools used in this process but also illustrate the artistic decisions behind these choices. This transformative work aims to educate and inspire our visitors, fostering a deeper understanding of the powerful influence color grading exerts on filmmaking.