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Explore our collection of DCTLs, designed to enrich
your projects with custom color transformations
and functionality beyond the built-in tools.


The pack includes DCTLs for negative film looks, a Lab DCTL for additional adjustments, and a film print emulation DCTL for final touches. It’s a straightforward set of tools designed to recreate the aesthetics of film.


“COLOR SHIFT” is a look development tool to shift and manipulate colors in a broad way. You can add vibrancy, density and more to the main colors red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.


The “Hue Twist” DCTL works by ‘twisting’ hue values towards their neighboring colors, but the interesting aspect here is that it does so based on the brightness value of the respective hue.


The RGB Crosstalk DCTL simplifies the process of the RGB Mixer by preserving neutral colors during channel adjustments. The design maintains a constant total color value, ensuring neutral colors remain neutral.


The ‘RGB Split Tone Hi Lo’ and ‘RGB Split Tone Hi Mid Lo’ DCTLs offer targeted control over the RGB channels in your footage, allowing for film-like tonality in highlights, shadows, and even mid-tones. With a built-in slope function, these tools enable fine-tuned adjustments to the curve’s steepness, making it easier to emulate classic film characteristics.


The “Utility DCTL” pack encompasses tools for image analysis and adjustment. It includes the “Balance DCTL” for analyzing skin tones in footage and managing color deviations, the “Clipping DCTL” for identifying and handling clipping in light or dark areas, and the “Isolator” features for color isolation in bright and dark regions, emphasizing ‘pure’ colors.


This DCTL for DaVinci Resolve implements a clamping mechanism:
– Pixel values below 0.0 are clamped to 0.0.
– Pixel values above 1.0 are clamped to 1.0.
The tool is aimed at managing extended color values, providing functionality to clamp or limit color values to ensure they stay within a specified range, which is particularly useful when working with colors that fall outside the standard range.


This tool ensures the precise structuring of visuals, whether you’re aiming to maintain straight horizons, achieve perfect central focus, or require fine grid adjustments for meticulous alignment. It’s the ideal solution for filmmakers and video editors seeking reliable framing, alignment assistance, and composition refinement.