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A false color representation is a graphic in which colors are used that deviate from the natural color impression. Such a representation can be helpful to make fine nuances of a color tone in an image clearly distinguishable.

I have built a LUT which shows the skin tone line area as yellow and deviations from it in green and magenta. Free for download. Have fun with it.

33×33×33 cube – DOWNLOAD:


“Man typing on a laptop sitting down in a modern startup office”
Camera: RED Dragon

This LUT is also useful for analyzing film-stills. In addition, this tool can also be useful to check if the continuity from shot to shot is correct in your own project.

I want to add a quote by Cullen Kelly from THIS VIDEO.
“We can be aware of our skin tone line and move things toward it if we feel like our skin tone is suffering, but ultimately we need to feel free to be guided by our creative intent and let our skin tone land wherever it’s going to.”


Iron Man 2 (2010) / Directed by Jon Favreau / © Sony Pictures Releasing
Wonder Woman (2017) / Directed by Patty Jenkins / © Warner Bros. Pictures
The Other Guys (2010) / Directed by Adam McKay / © Sony Pictures Releasing
Tenet (2020) / Directed by Christopher Nolan / © Warner Bros. Pictures
Skyfall (2012) / Directed by Sam Mendes / © Sony Pictures Releasing
The Other Guys (2010) / Directed by Adam McKay / © Sony Pictures Releasing
Marriage Story (2019) / Directed by Noah Baumbach / © Heyday Films


There are two ways LUTs are interpolated in DaVinci Resolve. By default, it is set to “Trilinear”. It is better to switch to “Tetrahedral“. It takes a bit more processing power but it will give you much better, cleaner results.

Have fun.

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